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“From Here to Kingdom Come”

One service: 11:00 am 05/29/2016


In many Christian traditions, the Kingdom of Heaven describes a place and time when justice, mercy, and love exist for all people and creatures in all lands. In some traditions, the Kingdom of Heaven comes after we die. In other traditions, it is said the Kingdom will come at the end of the world. Still other traditions describe the Kingdom of Heaven as already here. A few weeks ago, Rev. Chris Buice gave a sermon on hell on earth. This Sunday, we will consider how we might make heaven on earth: how we get from here to Kingdom Come.


This will be Jon Coffee’s final sermon at TVUUC as ministerial intern. As part of this service, Jon will be holding a small Charge to the Congregation Ceremony, in which he will express his profound gratitude and highest hopes for TVUUC. 

Worship Leader: Jon Coffee

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To create a welcoming community that nurtures spiritual growth and challenges us to transform the world through acts of love and justice.


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